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Values should matter more than anything else

Happy Friday!

I shared a post last month on the importance of values, I wanted to share this video link from Simon Sinek - well worth the 2.5 min watch. Simon talks about Culture equating to Values plus Behaviour. He challenges us to consider how we turn our values into action – for example the value of honesty means we tell the truth, the value of innovation means we look at problems and opportunities from different perspectives. When we focus on company values consider this: ✔️Do we talk about the values on-going? ✔️Do we recruit in line with them? ✔️Do we coach in line with them? ✔️Do we manage and lead in line with them? ✔️Do we role-model them? ✔️Do we deliver for our teams, our clients and our customers in line with them? If the answers to the above are no, then we are playing lip service to them and shouldn't expect those we lead to model them. Our values should matter more than anything else to us – they are our guide to how we want to live our lives both personally and professionally. I focus on values a lot with individuals and teams I work with - they really do matter. Have a super bank holiday weekend.


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