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When You're Finding Things Hard

Happy Friday,

I reminded myself of this brilliant picture this week, when I was reflecting on World Mental Health day and the things we really need to focus on each and every day to support ourselves and others.

I shared this visual on a blog back in early 2021 during lockdown – it was created by my daughters’ brilliant teacher at the time for an on-line lesson.

For me this picture is so relevant for us all (adults and children).

I have committed to the following from the illustration myself this week and all of them lifted me.

💡 I went for a walk

💡 I went for a run

💡 I talked to someone I trusted and they simply listened

💡 I chatted with a friend

💡 I wrote my feelings down

Please share this far and wide.

How fortunate we are to have incredible teachers who really strive to support our children’s well-being and mental fitness.


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