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You can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone

Happy Friday!

My blog today is dedicated to giving. Marie Haycocks, my amazing friend and an incredible coach is supporting this charity closely - Network Four Birmingham Shoe Aid (Aviva's Community Fund).

This is a local project in the city of Birmingham sourcing vulnerable children and crisis families with free new or good quality footwear. Networkfour will be using the funding to establish a community and city project to reach 200 vulnerable lives to tackle increasingly dire child poverty, crisis families' hardship and hard to reach adults needing footwear and other complex support needs.

If you can take a moment today to think about whether you are able to make a donation to this cause that would be amazing (link below). If you are unable to then you can do an incredible thing by sharing it with your network.

This cause has really made me sit up and think about things we take for granted. I look at the children's shoes in our cupboard and think about how I would feel if I had to send them to school in poor fitting or broken shoes or what I would do if I could't provide them with shoes at all.

Thank for reading this and sharing this.

It’s great to give and share.


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