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Your Inner Resources

Happy Friday!

I've been discussing the brilliant 'Shoe Dog' by Phil Knight (NIKE) over the last few weeks with clients who are looking for a 'holiday read'! Whilst this book has many brilliant leadership and business lessons and learns it's also a really enjoyable and entertaining read. I came across this image earlier in the week and it resonated with me on so many levels....

Being able to attend Commonwealth Games events as a family has helped my children really see what is possible with determination, grit hard-work and talent. Seeing them re-enact their version of the Commonwealth Games in our local park with their cousins has been truly wonderful and very entertaining! For me personally that is the legacy of these games.

I'm also in the middle of my own marathon training. My reoccurring ankle injury has been bothering me over recent weeks meaning I've done some long treadmill runs over the last few weeks to ease the pressure on it. I've had to give myself a serious talking to at times to quieten the internal chatter box down about being able to overcome the injury and adapt the training with the help of my brilliant Physio too. As a result of self-coaching and self-care the ankle is good and I'll be embarking on my hottest half marathon yet this Sunday! It has reaffirmed to me that everything we need is inside on so many levels if we choose to access it and act on it.

The link to my Just Giving page is at the top of this post if you can share it or donate. Many of you know I am running in memory of my friend Alex who we lost suddenly last year and this purpose is keeping me going.

Have a super weekend ahead and see you in September - time to spend time with the family and rest, recharge and reset (+ do a load of running)!


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