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Your willingness to believe

Happy Friday,

Loved this from Mollie and Liz so wanted to share, I can't think of a better way to sum up the impact that believing in ourselves has on what we can and want to achieve. For me personally, this is the start of the marathon on Sunday and the belief and self-coaching to reach the end, raise all that amazing money for an incredible cause and to get that lovely medal.

For many of my clients their willingness to believe in themselves and commit to action to get to where they want to be has resulted in just some of the following achievements:

-Growing their business

-Keeping their business

-Starting their business

-Selling their business

-Building and developing a team

-Coaching others as well as themselves

-Relocating overseas

-Relocating to the U.K

-Readdressing the balance in their lives

-Finding their new career /role in line with their values

-Spending in the moment time with their family and friends

-Re-establishing a relationship/friendship that was broken

-Going on their holiday of a life time

-Starting a new interest/hobby

-Starting a charity

-Losing weight

-Gaining weight

-Saying No

-Saying Yes

-Valuing themselves

-Feeling and being happy in life and work

Feel so privileged that I get to help so many wonderful businesses, teams and individuals achieve the above and so much more.


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