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A Tale of Resilience - 3 tools to build Resilience

Happy Friday folks,

BBC IDEAS (in partnership with the Open University) released this video a few days ago and I wanted to share it. I’ve watched it a number of times now and take something new from it each time.

A lot of my Coaching work with clients focuses on developing resilience - this focus has never been more relevant.

Research shows that we can teach people to be more resilient - it's an 'ordinary magic' we can all develop. Copy and Click on the link to gain some powerful messages and simple take-aways.

💡Understanding that tough things happen to everyone in life

💡The importance of tuning into the good and being careful what you choose to focus on (avoiding too much of the negativity vibe)

💡Asking ourselves - Is my way of thinking/acting helping or harming?

💡Being authentic and honest when we feel vulnerable

💡The importance of strong relationships, teams and communities when building resilience


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