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ABCD - 4 key messages at this time to help us all (John Peters)

I wanted to share 4 powerful messages I took from the MotivationMonday webinar this week hosted by Jonathan Smith with guest speaker John Peters. The best 30 mins I've invested in a long time.

John shared his incredible experience as a Prisoner of War during 1991 and helped us focus on our resilience, mental toughness and also how to deal with uncertainty and vulnerability as leaders.

His ABCD messages were clear, simple and so relevant now.

A - Accept and acknowledge where you currently are

B - Beyond your walls – look beyond where you currently are and what the future can hold both professionally and personally

C - Calm, Community, Committed Find a way to calm yourself , whether that is talking to others, meditation, breathing exercises - whatever works for you.

Focus on what you are truly committed to - this is your purpose and now more than ever this experience is making us focus on who we are and the values we hold.

Community – we are weaker individually, we are better together. What are we doing to support and share at this time?

D - Discipline - get in place the structure and routines that you need, 'make your bed', find exercise and activities that work for you. Thank you John & Jonathan - truly inspiring


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