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Authentic and Honest Leadership

Happy Friday,

I love this quote from Patrick Lencioni.....

Whilst as Leaders it is crucial we support and reassure others, some of the best Leaders I know are also not afraid to show vulnerability and a willingness to openly share the areas they need help with.

One of the best Leaders I have ever worked with lived by the sentiment of this quote daily. As a result I trusted, admired, respected and believed in him and still do to this day - he’s my mentor. Something to think about....

How as Leaders can we be more authentic and honest with ourselves and others? I highly recommend Patrick Lencioni's book - 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. I attended a brilliant webinar earlier this week with The Fruitful Toolbox. DiSC & Five Behaviours official Wiley Partner UK - 'Unleash the Power of Teamwork'. It was based on the five behaviours model and the five behaviours personal development assessment tool, which I now plan to introduce to my clients. Please contact me if you'd like to find out more.

Have a great weekend!


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