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Brilliant team work

Happy Friday folks,

This is a great 1 min 21 second video by Simon Sinek.

I am a fan of Simon and love the simplicity of his message here where he talks about the mentality of the Navy Seals and what makes them an incredible team.

When they are emotionally and physically exhausted they dig down inside themselves to help the person next to them. The willingness to be there for each other and give to each other sets them apart. It's a powerful analogy for how great teams work and perform together.

When I reflect on the amazing teams I have worked in, with and also led over the last 20 plus years I think about how they all supported each other in good times and in tough times. It's truly powerful to work in a team with people who really care, want to help each other to succeed and go above and beyond for each other.

Friday food for thought indeed......


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