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Clarity - Tip 1

Happy Friday!

We have now progressed to 'Clarity' within the 5C's. Guiding you through the process of bringing complete clarity to the actions required to achieve your goals. I shared a post a few weeks ago on the benefits that leaving my phone at home for a day had brought me. In order for us to find Clarity and a way forward, identifying and managing distractions is key. Here are 4 simple steps to help you manage your technology when you need space and time to focus.

1 – Turn email/phone notifications off.

2 – Keep your phone out of sight when focused on a task, turn it off, put it in a drawer or in your bag – placing it face down on a table near you means it’s still with you and you can see it!

3 – Set small goals to reduce the pick up time of your technology. Many devices now have information which shows you detailed analysis of pick-up time/time on apps which can make you stop and think. I review mine on a weekly basis.

4 – Capture the feelings and thoughts that having set time away from a phone and computer brings you. List 3 benefits that doing the above brings you. If you'd like to find out more about how I can help you develop new habits to afford focus and clarity, please get in touch.


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