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Clarity - Tip 2

Happy Friday folks - here’s your top tip this week focused on ‘Clarity’. Last week we focused on managing distractions (specifically mobile devices) to enable focus and clarity. This week we look at some simple ways to help achieve clarity...

1) Visualising the outcomes you want - write them down, print pictures/images which denote what you want and look at these regularly. This helps create the habit of focusing on what you want as opposed to what you don’t or focusing on the ‘what if’ and fearful thinking.

2) Talking through opportunities and issues with an objective and impartial listener can help draw out your thinking.

3) Writing your thoughts and feelings down helps empty your mind rather than keeping them inside circling around - it also changes perspective when you actually see what you are thinking and feeling.

4) Connecting with nature - this helps gain perspective and space. This is particularly important for those of you who spend large amounts of time in front of screens and technology. I’m off to do this very thing today as it’s my birthday. Can’t wait for some Welsh sea air!

I’ll be sharing an excellent book with you soon focused on managing distractions and gaining clarity. I’m currently immersed in it and it’s adding huge value.


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