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Coping with 'restriction'

Happy Friday folks,

This week I've been reflecting on the activities that helped myself and others during the national lockdown. I've spoken to many people (professionally and personally) this week who are feeling a little low, de-motivated and flat given the new restrictions in place to help us all navigate this virus as Autumn and Winter approaches.

Here is a little exercise to help....

I originally shared this in April and I've updated it this week - it is still so relevant and it's helped re-set me at points this week.

Scroll back through your pictures over the last 2 months and think about 4 things that lift you and help you, the more you see of one activity the more likely it will be something you feel positively towards. Create these pictures into one image and print if you can or keep in a place that you will see often during the day. Otherwise save it as a screen-saver on your phone.

Here are my personal 4 with some explanation to help bring this to life for you.

1) Giving - during this time, the most powerful thing we can all do is to give when and where we can. The Simon Sinek workshop I attended yesterday re-affirmed this for me loud and clear when working on my WHY. Giving is what makes me happiest, it also helps others so it's a win-win. Giving can take many forms but for me it's giving my time, giving help to someone who needs it, offering my listening ears or just being there for someone when they need me.

2) Writing - emptying my head of the thoughts, worries and uncertainty makes me feel better. Writing helps me de-clutter, gain perspective and at times aids the creation of something I can share with others. It helps me 'get it out' as opposed to keeping emotions inside.

3) Family and friends - the most important people in my life. I've had a trip cancelled this week due to the restrictions that I'd been looking forward to for months. However I'm now focusing on what I can do and how I can meet friends/family whilst respecting the restrictions. It's going to be more challenging over the next few weeks/months but we managed in Lockdown and this is less restrictive.

4) Exercise - I've honestly let this one slip a little in the last few weeks and I'm realising the impact of this now. I want to re-set this one and make the time and space to commit to running given the benefits it has for me mentally and physically.

So 3 simple steps...

1) Which 4 things are helping me through my days during this time?

2) Write down your WHY for each one you choose so you see and realise the importance of each

3) Choose your images and print/save them so you can see them regularly

If you'd like to explore this further, get in touch - I'd love to help and listen.


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