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Creation - Tip 3!

Tip 3 for you this week focuses on the power of reflecting and capturing how you will think/feel and act when you move towards your goal and the change(s) you want to make.

When working on the Creation stage (I referred to last week) with my clients, I encourage them to reflect, consider and capture how they want to think/feel/act versus how they currently think/feel and act. We capture this in the present tense to help them see and visualise the words that they want 'be'. We also focus on 'towards language' as opposed to 'away from language'.

For example.... 'I am confident', 'I am assertive' as opposed to 'I want to be less unsure', 'I want to not back down so easily'. It makes a big difference when you see what you can be and are capable of - when you start to repeat it to yourself you hear it too. You start to believe it and hence act/think/feel more positively.

This weeks Call to Action is simple. Take 10 minutes and capture 'How you want to think/feel/act', write it in the present, keep it with you and read your words/statements every day at least twice a day.

I got this lovely message from a client last Friday - touching feedback to receive. It's fair to say that they now think/feel and act in the way they want to!


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