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Creation - Tip 4

Here is your Friday Arch inspire tip and Call to Action.

So far we have focused on your values, your support network and captured how you will think/act/feel as you move towards and achieve your goals. This week I want you to consider the talents and strengths you possess.

All too often we can focus heavily on what we are not good at and where we fall short. Understanding, identifying and getting comfortable with your own talents and strengths will support you hugely when making changes / achieving the goals you want to and motivate you to use them.

Many years ago I was introduced to a company called Gallup and the Strength Finders tool, which helped me to really understand, appreciate and develop my key strengths and talents further - it's contributed heavily to the shape of my business and how I support my clients.

Your Call to Action this week is to...

*Take 10 minutes and list all the strengths and talents you posses - LIST AT LEAST 20

*Review the list and reflect on how it makes you think and feel

*Consider and capture what you can do to make more of your strengths and talents

*Keep this list with you and refer to it daily If you would like any help with this or a list of tools and resources I use with my clients in this area please do contact me.


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