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Creation - Tip1!

Here is your first tip focused on the Arch inspire 5C's model, these tips are designed to help you to take some time to invest in you and those around you.

****Creation - creating the overall vision of where you want to be and what you want to achieve.

An old colleague and friend sent me this exact message in the image above this week. Pretty timely given I'd already decided to share the importance of taking time to understand your 'values'.

Values are fundamental beliefs that guide and drive our attitudes, actions and behaviours. Considering and spending time to realise/remind yourself of your values is a core part of understanding WHY you want to achieve a goal, make a change or do something new.

My top 3 values are-integrity-honesty-reliability.

When I live by these I feel content, happy and authentic. When someone challenges these it can feel very wrong!

Take 15 minutes, write a list of your values (the things you live by that guide you and drive how behave). If you are not sure, get in touch and I can provide a prompt sheet of values to help you. Spending time on this will help you check-in to realise to what extent you are living by your values. It will also prompt you to consider if one or more are out of sync for you and the impact this may be having.


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