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Defining Confidence for YOU - Confidence Tip 1

We've now moved on to 'Confidence' within the Arch inspire 5C’s - 'empowering you to achieve the confidence and belief required to take action and succeed.'

Over the next 5 weeks I'll be sharing simple hints, tips and exercises, all designed to help build confidence and belief to achieve your goals. When working with my clients I support them from outset to develop the habit of focusing on what their strengths and skills are as opposed to focusing only on or too heavily on what they deem to be their ‘weaknesses’ or developmental areas as I term them. It's a good starting point for someone wanting to develop their confidence!

The simple summary below summarises what confidence looks and feels like personally for me. I have worked pretty hard on some of these over the years. I have shared this purely to help provoke thoughts/ideas for you. ACTION - Take some time and create your own list of what confidence looks and feels like for YOU. We will develop this next week.

*Doing what I believe to be right - even if others may disagree

*Being really proud of my successes

*Being willing to take risks to challenge myself

*Always learning and developing myself

*Living and acting by my values

*Accepting compliments graciously

*Sharing my skills to help others


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