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Happy Friday,

I have been reflecting this week on the power of gratitude. I have felt gratitude noticeably this week as I hit my fundraising target for the British Heart Foundation ahead of next Sunday. I've been overwhelmed with peoples' kindness in donating in a really challenging climate but also in their sharing of my fund-raising page and story with others.

It has given me a renewed focus on the importance of gratitude and being so grateful for all we have - the things many of us still take for granted that so many people do not have.

This week I've been a lot more grateful for my home, my bed, electricity and food after watching a Channel 4 documentary on the cost of living crisis. Listening to a 10-year old child verbalising their worries about bailiffs, unpaid bills and wondering how their father is mentally; is heart breaking.

I've been writing down 3 things each morning that I'm grateful for - it's a really worthwhile exercise to commit to.

Today it's the following for me:

-My Physio who has helped me hugely during my training

-The boys attending their first cub session last night

-My client with whom I've spent 2 great days with this week

Take 2 minutes and do this exercise for yourself - it can bring real positivity to your day ahead.

Have a great weekend.


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