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Grow through what you do through

Happy Friday or maybe it's thank goodness it's Friday!

I've been talking about resilience a lot this week with clients and have been dipping into my reservoir of resilience personally given the juggles again of home-schooling and isolating twins for the second time. This quote resonates below, given the challenges being faced by so many whether it's at work, at home or both.

When I explore resilience with my clients, an exercise we often do involves creating a timeline to plot events and points where they have exercised their resilience. More importantly though is the process of identifying how they have grown and learnt from a tough experience and then applied it to a future one.

We are having to be more resilient than ever right now and it's tough and exhausting at times. Many people I know professionally and personally don't have much left in the tank for the rest of this year, it's important to acknowledge if you feel like this and reflect on how much you have handled and dealt with. When I think of my own resilience timeline 2020 will feature heavily.

If you'd like to find out more about this exercise or the work I do with clients in this area, do contact me for a chat.

Stay safe, stay well, keep talking and sharing


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