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Identifying and Managing grief at this time

The brilliant Peter Hill Hill shared this image from his friend Jon Warner in LA. Peter gave me permission to share today.

This version of the Kubler Ross grief cycle towards the current situation is powerful - it can help us understand the differing emotions we are experiencing. Grief and feelings of loss can take many forms and it’s normal to experience these stages. Losing a loved one, coping with someone close to us who is ill, experiencing a sudden change in our business/work or being separated from family/friends trigger real emotions of loss, fear and sadness. It's also important to note that we can move forwards-backwards-forwards between these stages.

1 Accept your emotions and feelings (don’t fight them)

2 Find someone you trust to share your thoughts and feelings with – it’s important to talk

3 We can all achieve acceptance - but be patient and kind to yourself

4 Consider your reservoir of resilience and experiences in your life that have helped you deal with/overcome and learn from change/loss/life events

5 Think about what you want to take/learn/change from this situation – it would be futile if we all simply revert back to our ‘norm’ – I’ve had countless discussions with others that many aspects of the 'norm' were in-fact broken. I for one am keeping a list of changes I am making.

Stay safe and well


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