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Key reminders in lockdown 11 weeks in

Happy Friday!

I posted this rainbow image 11 weeks ago at the beginning of lockdown. The twins return to school next Monday and whilst I am well aware that there are differing views on returning, for us as a family we feel it's the right thing to let them go. We know lockdown is not over by any means but it marks a step forward.

We've achieved a lot during this period and I'm proud of how we have all adapted, juggled, stuck together and focused on the positives during this challenging time. That said, I'm human and I’ve had days where I’ve wanted to sit in a dark room, when the juggling of home-schooling and working has felt overwhelming and I have wanted space more than ever. However when I reflect back over the last 11 weeks, I feel pride, love, determination, resilience, focus, honesty, humility, gratitude, hard work and kindness.

I also feel so grateful to every single front-line hero who continues to support and help this nation and those around the world. I’m proud that my children truly understand who heroes really are.

I wanted to share some of the simple things I’ve focused on over this time so far, that have helped our family, my clients, my friends and my network. Feel free to share this post and image with others. Have a great weekend ☔️🌈🌞


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