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Leading in a calm, considered, consistent and collaborative way

Happy Friday!

'The value of Calm, Considered, Consistent and Collaborative Leadership'. Risk Evolves Ltd, Helen Barge and myself ran this webinar yesterday - following the feedback and by request we are running this again on the 18th June - 1pm.

Some soundbites of the feedback so far....

*Thought-provoking and practical

*It gave me tools that I can use myself and with my team

*Tangible takeaways, which I am going to use with my team

*A brilliant webinar focused on what we can achieve

*Made me think about how much I can control in this situation

*It has given me the confidence to navigate the weeks ahead

*Practical *It helped me re-set

*I can use these tools with my clients

*It was refreshing to join a session focused on what we as leaders need during this time *Appreciate that you are sharing these tools - links to your theme of giving

Thank you to all those who were able to join us yesterday. I look forward to hearing how the tools and techniques are helping in the weeks and months ahead. More than happy to chat with any of you who attended too, if you'd like any support or have further questions.

Have a super bank holiday weekend.


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