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Review, refine and reignite your vision

Welcome to the first in the series of our insights into our 5C's model.

CREATION - creating the overall vision of where you are and what you want to achieve

Take yourself back to the time when you had the initial thoughts about starting your own business.....

Can you remember the early stages of starting to bring your thoughts to life and the first time you captured the essence of what you wanted your business to represent and achieve in the future? Do you remember the time, energy and resource you gave to creating your vision for the business and the excitement you experienced?

A vision statement provides you with strategic direction and describes what you, as the leader of the business, wants the business to achieve in the future. Your vision should serve as a clear guide in choosing current and future courses of action. Your vision statement is your road-map for the business.

Many businesses we support invest a lot of time and resource at the beginning of their journey defining, evolving and creating the vision for their business. However, when we ask clients the following questions........

  • What is the vision for your business today and has it changed since you first set your business up?

  • When was the last time you reviewed your vision?

  • Is your vision relevant today and do your clients' completely understand it?

  • What would your team communicate back if asked what the vision of the business was?

  • Is your vision clear to your customers at every touch point and if so how?

  • Is your vision clear to your customers in every single communication they see and receive?

the results are pretty mixed and a common response we hear is.... "We are so busy working IN the business we are not focusing ON the business and creating the path we want the business to take"

The responses to the above questions are either met with silence, focused on defending the vision that was set some time ago or answered confidently but then with a dawning realisation that although the business owner is completely clear, the individuals who work in the business and their clients (existing and potential) are not.

A clear reviewable vision is crucial for every single business no matter how big or small and investing time in dusting off your vision, re-igniting it, re-defining it, making it relevant, future focused and clear to all will pay dividends.

Your call to action

  • Take 10 minutes today and ask yourself the 6 questions above, record your responses and challenge yourself on your own answers.

  • Ask yourself, how can I.... 1- REVIEW, 2- REIGNITE and 3- REFINE MY VISION

The solution will be inevitably by investing some time and thinking-space on this. We would suggest it would be a very wise investment to make. If you would like to know more about how we help businesses create, revisit, re-ignite and live their vision please do get in touch with us.


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