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School's Out - Hats Off!

Happy Friday, SCHOOL'S OUT! 🎉

Hats off and well done to all the parents, guardians, relatives, teachers and teaching assistants who’ve helped young minds over the last 17 weeks. We made it and thank goodness we're here!

Some Hurdman highlights:

-Getting the twins to write a sonnet (my hack - one haribo for each line written, worked like a dream) -Amy earning 3 Blue Peter badges -School work outdoors in the sun

-My wonderful niece Georgie Chaudhry doing Amy's history lessons virtually

-Amy's NHS lego tribute Low-lights:


-Pupil walkouts and protests

-The twins flat refusal to write on many occasions

-Printing a rainforest of learning materials

-The sheer juggle of working and learning

-Simplified fractions

I've learnt so much from this experience and feel proud of how we've all adapted and worked together to juggle life, work and the children. It's been frankly over-whelming at times but it's made me reflect more than ever how resilient, capable and strong we can be. I'm extremely conscious of the millions of children who have not had the same experience. I feel so grateful to the key workers who continue to look after us to keep us safe. Signing off for a week - we've decided that after 17 weeks together we're spending 4 days in a tent together next week!🏕


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