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Start, Stop, Continue...

Happy Friday folks,

A simple one this week to help you focus on what you want to




over the coming weeks/months.

A powerful tool to use both personally and with teams.

Given the change we've experienced over the last 4 months, I've heard this statement over and over - "I really hope we don’t go back to some our old ways when lockdown eases".

This starts with a choice and desire to learn new habits to change things that we may have realised were not working too well before. Until we stop our 'auto-pilot', we are all too often unaware of the things that we continue to do that don’t serve to help ourselves or others.

Capture the 3 headings and use the following to record your thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Start – what has worked for me/us as a team. -Do more of it

Stop – what hasn’t worked for me/us. -Agree to stop it

Continue – what good practices do I/we want to keep? -Ensure you continue it

For each capture the WHY.

Some of my clients are currently having these discussions as a team to gain feedback, ideas and opinions as well as engaging their clients to also get their views.

If you want to find out more or want to use this personally or with a team you lead/manage, I’d be really happy to discuss this with you further.


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