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Take a break

Happy Friday!

Following on from my post last week about resilience, I wanted to share this brilliant illustration from one of my favourite books that I recently wrote a book recommendation on (No Hard Feelings) that has resonated for me this week.

It helps us realise that being resilient for ourselves and for others means we really need to look after ourselves regularly and properly. It reminded me of how I used to work regularly 10 plus years ago - to the point of near burn out but thinking it would be ok as I had a 2 week holiday to look forward to - invariably I'd get a cold on the second day of the holiday! I've learnt over the years about the importance of balance and how keeping ourselves fit mentally and physically actually helps us grow our resolve and resilience to achieve and overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities.

Today, consider when and how regularly you take a break, it shouldn't just be on holiday or at the weekend. Consider the following....

-a walk

-a catch up with a friend

-an exercise class

-an hour out to do something for you

-a meditation

-an hour just to be and not do

-an hour away from all screens during the day

-a walk round your garden or local park

-an hour to pick up a hobby you have

Commit to taking breaks regularly to help look after yourself - it will help you in good times and in tougher times.


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