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The 4C's of Leadership

I've spent a great deal of time over the last few months supporting Leaders to develop their ability to demonstrate the qualities of leading in a....





way in a virtual environment. Some businesses have started to return to their offices, plan a gradual return to offices later this year or early into the next whilst others have decided to work at home more on-going. It’s crucial that as leaders we embrace and demonstrate these qualities to help encourage, empower, support and reassure our teams during these times of change, uncertainty and opportunity.

Here are some pointers to help:


Focus on an exercise your circle of control - encourage and help others to do the same

Look after yourself first and foremost

Recognise and manage your emotions - ensure you talk with others you trust so you can share what's on your mind


Plan strategically for the best case and worst case scenarios

Show optimism balanced with realism

Show patience

Exercise empathy



Lead by example – get stuck in

Treat your team fairly – take time to understand each team members current situation – no two will be the same

Communicate clearly and regularly

Explain the WHY of decisions


Engage your team – ask for their ideas/views and opinions on-going

Keep in touch with your team regularly

Keep in touch with your network - how can you help fellow leaders?

Give and share with others where you can


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