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The little things...

Happy Friday!

I've been reflecting this week on the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the small things we achieve, which actually make a difference.

I have worked with clients just this week on helping them to reset and reframe what they want to focus on and achieve over the coming weeks and months. Whilst I am all for goals (all who know me will testify to this!) at present it can be hard to look at our longer term goals and targets we may have set given the changing landscape and uncertainty we may be experiencing.

Whilst we should not lose sight or focus of our goals, breaking them down can help us stay motivated, energised and encourage us to mark the achievements we are making along the way. Acknowledging and celebrating these little wins can help us focus on what we are achieving as opposed to what we are not. All too often we focus on what we still have to do or want to do as opposed to what we have accomplished. Take 10 minutes today and write down all the things you HAVE ACHIEVED both professionally and personally over the last 2 weeks, read them back and give yourself a pat on the back!

The little wins do make a big difference....


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