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The little things....make a big difference

Happy Friday folks, A quick one this week about the little things which make a big difference. I received this in the post yesterday. I ordered this as it symbolises this year for me so far and I think it's beautiful. I saw this small business recommended on instagram by a high profile individual and I loved the design. Kelly the owner sent me this personal card too - I know how in demand her work is now and how busy she is yet she still finds the time to write a personal note to all her customers. Her service is second to none and writing a little card makes a big difference. it makes me feel valued and important as a customer. Something to make us think - How are we looking after and making our customers and clients feel special right now? The little things don't need to cost anything but really help us want to recommend and refer. You can find the little knot company on instagram and Facebook by the way - can't recommend the service and product highly enough. Every time I look at this picture I smile too - it reminds me of my family and my home.


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