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Who do you keep company with?

Happy Friday! Today I want to focus on the importance of having a 'Go To' gang. When working with many of my coaching clients, we initially create a one-page 'Creation' document capturing: -What they want to achieve -The impact this will have on them professionally and personally -What success will look like and defined success measures -Who in their lives can help them achieve what they want -How they currently think/feel/act versus how they will think/feel/act as they move closer to and begin to achieve their goals. This process and experience really helps them hone in on what they want, why they want it and the impact it will have on their lives. In turn this elevates the importance for them to take action. I also help them focus on their 'Go To' list - Go To's are the individuals who are there for them, help them, support them, champion them, challenge them and crucially listen to them without judgement. It's crucial in work and in life that we surround ourselves with people who can help support us in good times and tough times. Sometimes we also need reminding of who our Go To's are. Take some time today and make a list of your Go To's and capture how they help you, also consider who you are a 'Go To' for.

My 'Go To Gang' do just some of the following for me - they care, listen, challenge, question, support, love, encourage, inspire, help, guide, advice, coach, feedback, mentor and energise me. I feel fortunate to have so many people who are there for me. I also love being a 'Go To' for so many people. It's a big part of the purpose of my work and my life and it's a role that I love. My 'Go To' gang are indispensable.


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