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Your resilience sources

I wanted to share my tool on resilience today, which is helping my clients at the moment - it also links closely to the Circle of Control post I shared recently.

Resilience is being talked about widely at the moment given the current situation. I've read about it in countless articles and it has come up on calls/webinars and virtual meetings. However many have asked me...

*How do I know if I am resilient and how do I tap into it to help me?

I've put the below together to help you realise and identify your resilience sources during this time. Your reservoir of resilience will be far greater than you think. When I watched Captain Tom Moore's speech yesterday at the end of his 100th lap, what struck me was his level of resilience and the events in his life that must have shaped his focus, drive, skills and motivation to still want to succeed and help others as he nears 100 years. His words offered encouragement for us to all keep going, stay strong and to do what we need to do to help our frontline heroes. Call to Action: Using the below, take 15 minutes and consider each circle and populate it, make notes along side each one or create your own cycle with you own words/ examples - keep it near to you, refer to it and update it regularly.

Stay safe


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