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A very Happy New Year to you - Change Tip 4

A very Happy New Year to you all - may it be filled with love, peace, happiness and success.

I thought I’d share the 5 commitments I am taking into 2020, to help prompt you into considering what you would like to focus on in the new year.

1) Look after myself so I can look after and help others in the best way possible through exercise, diet and well-being in every sense.

2) Continue to challenge myself to try new things and achieve my goals in business and in my life - the London Marathon was a big one for me this year - time to sign up for a big event! Looking forward to my DISC and EQi accreditations in Q1 too.

3) Listen, Listen, Listen to ALL those around me - my clients, my friends, my family, my children and strangers I meet. Whilst I feel I do this in spades professionally, I want to do this more in all aspects of my life.

4) Be in the moment - take time to appreciate nature, all that is around me and be more in the moment with my children.

5) Be truly thankful for all I have in my life. Volunteer in 2020 to help those who need it and give my time to help others professionally and personally. I know I can do more to help others.

Have a super 2020 and here’s to the new decade!


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