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Act 1&2! - Culture Tip 2

I wanted to share two brilliant acts I've seen this week, which link closely to Culture. 1) A key client of mine The RU Group presented me with a personalised 'chilly' water bottle this week, they had brought one each for their team and for some of the consultants they work with. This really touched me and made me feel so appreciated. I know their team did too. Whenever I look at it, the words that spring to mind are thoughtful, care, making a difference and recognition.

2) The same evening I ventured to a Pizza Hut opposite the hotel I was staying at in search for a vegetarian pizza (24 days in now)! I've not eaten in a Pizza Hut for a long time and wasn't too sure what to expect. From start to finish the team there were so friendly, welcoming and interested in everyone. The waitress asked me how my week was going, about my job and we then proceeded to have discussion on her interest in Coaching. I spent £14 - the service I received was far better than in restaurants where I would spend a lot more. They clearly have invested in engaging and training their team.

Only one question to ask yourself this week.

'What small act of kindness can I do to make a big difference to others?'

The above two acts made a big difference to me!


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