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Be You

I have been reflecting this week on the importance of 'being yourself'.

I had a great discussion with a new client this week on how we can better help ourselves to identify, understand and celebrate who we are as opposed to who others think we should be. The pressure to live up to certain ways of looking, acting, being, thinking and feeling is more intense than ever and it's damaging.

It got me thinking about the ways we can challenge ourselves to be more ourselves. I decided to add this image next to one of my favourite quotes from Oscar Wilde. This image reflects the real me in work and in life. I feel fortunate that I've found my vocation and purpose and am passionate about what I do in work and life - it took me while to get there though (which is ok) and far too long to get to the point of working with a brilliant photographer to help capture 'Rach'!

I focus on the just some of the following with clients to help them be themselves...

-Appreciating yourself

-Learning about yourself

-Forgiving yourself

-Recognising and celebrating your key strengths and skills

-Identifying your core values and beliefs

-Choosing your attitude

-Striving to always grow and develop in the areas you want to

-Identifying your 'Go To' people who encourage you to be you and accept you for you

-Developing your confidence and self-belief to get and do what you want in life

-Not taking yourself too seriously

My challenge today for you..... is to be you. If you'd like to find out more, please get in touch.


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