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Be You

Happy Friday,

I've celebrated my 44th birthday this week. Arch inspire is also 6.5 years old this week!

A lot happened in year 43 - both professionally and personally (new projects, new clients, re-engaging with existing clients, placing more value on my time and resource, joining a co-coaching group, outsourcing more, saying no more and saying yes to the right things more, running a marathon, raising funds for charity, completing a house extension, seeing my daughter start secondary school, helping my dear friend with trauma and grief and helping friends with illness). It's been a full-on year.

What I've reflected on most this week is the importance of being me and only me and staying true to my core values. I know it's the core ingredient that has got Arch inspire to 6.5 years and I know it's helped my drive and determination professionally and personally.

It sounds so simple but at times it can be a challenge for us to fit in, and resist the pressure to keep up or conform with what others are doing or achieving. I feel grateful to work with my clients who want to work with me because of who I am, what I stand for and my values. I also feel grateful to have a wonderful family and a brilliant circle of friends who accept me for who I am.

The message today - be you and only you - everyone is taken already anyway!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes too.

Have a super weekend.


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