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Building Resilience

Happy Friday,

I've spent this week with a brilliant group of Leaders and Managers focusing on all things 'Change'. We've explored how building and harnessing our resilience can help us and others through change and how we can prime our brains to create new pathways to help build our resilience and flexibility during change.

I thought I'd share this simple Resilience Pyramid to remind us of the things we can do to help ourselves and others. You'll see that 'asking for help' is at the top. The most resilient people I know in my life and in my work do this brilliantly and surround themselves with their 'GO TO PEOPLE' for help, support, guidance, challenge, direction and crucially a set of listening ears. One of the most powerful things we can do as Leaders is to really listen to those we lead in all stages of change.

Have a great weekend.


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