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Change - Tip 1

This week we are focusing on how to help yourself and others face change. As we know, change in our professional and personal lives is inevitable – whether it is self-imposed or imposed. Here are 5 tips to help you and others face change.

1)Accept that change is going to happen focusing on the benefits it will bring (as well as acknowledging what may be lost) to put you in a positive and receptive frame of mind at outset.

2)Document the benefits for you and work with others to do the same. This is your WHY.

3)Have an appreciation of how you and others face change differently (I use Myers Briggs with many clients to help them understand how they may differ to others in times of change/uncertainty). Individuals who may outwardly resist change can come across as obstructive or fearful, however there are always reasons for behaviour - take the time to understand it and ask those you work with what they may need/value during change.

4)Acknowledge that we all have different emotions as we face, accept, deal with and embrace change – the Kubler Ross change curve illustrates this. Acknowledge these emotions and be respectful of them in others.

5)Don’t give up on change – it is necessary, it helps us evolve, grow and develop. Remind yourself continually of your WHY.


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