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Change - Tip 2

Recently I shared in a short video, one of my favourite reads 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway'. Over the last two weeks, we have been focusing on change - some of us in life embrace it and look for it look pro-actively, whilst others of us may be more resistant or fearful of it. The principle of 'feeling the fear' encourages us to identify and accept the fear but not to let it hold us back or to stop us from making the change.

When working with clients, I help them identify and acknowledge their feelings and thoughts towards change by asking them this simple question.

‘Describe the thoughts and feelings you have in respect of the change' (we capture these by writing them down and exploring each one fully). If you are facing an imposed change or wanting to make a change try this simple exercise. Create a simple table with two columns. Document the change as your title, on the left hand-side capture the current thoughts/feelings you have (where you capture a negative - write the opposite positive thought/feeling on the right hand-side). This exercise helps you acknowledge, recognise and accept your feelings and thoughts as well as challenging you to reflect on an alternative way of thinking as you face the change.

Happy Friday!


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