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Choice and Control

Happy Friday!

Many of you know I am a big fan of Liz and Mollie (No Hard Feelings and Emotions at Work).

I love this image – so simple and a reminder of the high degree of control we actually have on how we choose to respond.

I use the circle of control and concern tool with many individuals and teams I work with. Without fail when I work with clients on their circle of concern (those things we cannot directly control) the following two elements surface.

-what others think of me

-the actions of others

................yet we can be consumed by these two things, often expending huge amounts of unhelpful and unnecessary energy on them to the detriment of focusing our energy on what can control and how we can choose to respond. For many this focus can feel debilitating at times and cause high stress and anxiety. The constant ‘what if’ scenario planning is draining.

From personal experience, I understand how this can affect us both psychologically and physiologically. For those who are developing into Leadership and Management roles or taking on additional responsibility this can be really heightened when our accountability and responsibility levels increase.

Through the work I do with clients, I provide tools, strategies and techniques to help them create habits to focus more and more on controlling their responses to situations and the actions of others.

This visual is a great reminder to us all that we have control in how we respond. If it helps save this image as a reminder for you.

Have a super weekend ahead.


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