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Clarity - Tip 3

Here is your weekly tip and follows on well from last weeks where I shared a tip on writing thoughts and feelings down to help empty the mind and break the cycle of thoughts/feelings circling.

In a Coaching session with my client earlier this week, we were focusing in on achieving Clarity - they shared that they felt frustrated and stuck with regards to progressing certain actions. I helped them re-frame what they had acheived and succeded at to help them break the state of only focusing on what they hadn't (turns out they had acheived a lot)! I suggested a check-in with themselves at the end of each day to capture 3 key successes/achievements and we explored how they wanted to do this. They decided on a simple note book to complete each day before bed. I received an email 2 days later which shared that this had not only helped them feel calmer and less frustrated but it had actually prompted them to focus at the start of the next day on what they wanted and needed to acheive - it empowered them to commit to action.

So often we focus on what we haven't done as opposed to what we have - turns out focusing on what we have done a litttle more drives us to want to acheive more! I do this myself daily - its' powerful.


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