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Clarity - Tip 4

Here’s your Friday tip focused on Clarity (this time it's an article as there's a little story involved this week).

I am currently reading a book called ‘Indistractable’ by Nir Eyal, I’ll be sharing a review of this book soon.

Early on in the book he talks about 'Traction' and 'Distraction' and the difference between the two

* Traction means to draw or pull (to what we want in life)

* Distraction means literally the opposite (it obstructs us from making the progress towards what we want and takes us away)

It got me thinking so I created a table in my note book with both these headings on the top. I captured what I wanted to focus on and achieve on the right (TRACTION) and the things than can take me away from this on the left (DISTRACTION) – it’s an easy but effective exercise.

On the right hand 'traction' side one of my captured elements was ‘to give others more time and attention personally’ – whilst a huge part of what I do in my business entails this, I want to ensure I can do this in my personal life more.

Having delivered a great event in London this week, I got in a taxi to head back to Marleybone with Maxine (who I’d been working with on the day). It would have been so easy to turn the mobile on, read emails, catch up on social media, read a newspaper, zone out and not engage with our driver. Instead I reminded myself of my table and my desire to give others more time. Max and I had the most engaging 40 odd minute discussion with Edward our cab driver – we both put it up there with one of our top cab journeys of all time and told him so!

The topics we covered were endless - What it takes to qualify as a London cabbie and the tests you need to take, social media, schools we went to when young, Brexit - (we had a 5 minute max limit on this one)! knife crime, London hotels, supermarkets and famous celebrities he'd driven around London (including a QC, a very well known footballer, and a 'miserable' (his words) Love Island contestant). He even tested out his French on us at the end as he has taken a course to learn the language. It would have been so easy to go to the 'distraction' side of my table, I am so glad on this occasion I chose the right side.

I promised Edward I’d refer to him in my weekly update – I wasn’t sure if he believed me, if you happen to be reading this Edward – thank you! He also said he’d enjoyed the journey and appreciated the chat – it’s amazing what you can find out about people when you take the time to give your time, it made us all feel good and Edward definitely felt valued! Next time you're in a cab take some time and chat to the person who is getting you to where you need to be safely.

Try my exercise in bold above and if you'd like to discuss this or any other of the tips I have shared over the last 2 months please do get in touch. I'll share a review of Indistractible soon - it's a powerful read with some great messages and tools.

Happy Friday


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