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Commit to the process

Happy Friday,

Today I focus on how process helps us both professionally and personally.

During my years as a consultant within Financial Services, I helped individuals, teams and business review, refine, improve and develop processes to help them increase their effectiveness and efficiency to drive success.

My 5C’s Coaching model is the process that enables my clients achieve the results they want. The leadership and skills development programmes I design and deliver for clients run smoothly due to the processes that sit behind the design, delivery and on-going review. I'm a huge advocate of process and I know it’s greatly contributed to the success of Arch inspire.

One of my goals this year is to bring process to my personal life more (particularly finding a better way to shop and meal plan - I'm dreadful at this). It's something I have struggled with for years given the juggle of work/home/time (my own excuses for not doing something about it) and I’ve never managed to nail it – I think to some extent I fight against process at home!

However I've started a new process driven by some new habits and it’s working so far – it’s not yet a series of embedded habits but I am getting there!

-I’ve started on-line food shopping again weekly, which is saving money and time as I’ve stopped popping to the supermarket every day

-I’ve used the slow cooker more times in the last 2 weeks that I have for the duration we've owned it. (I do the meal prep in the evening or early in the morning).

-I’ve collated a selection of new simple recipes to vary what we eat

I can honestly say I'm easily saving 5 plus hours a week by doing these 3 things, as a result I am calmer, making better food for my family and saving money - these are my WHY’s! It’s taken me a long time to get to here but I am already seeing the results.

My mentor always says to me focus on the inputs and your process and the results will come – this is so true!

Have a think today about something in your life/work you want to make simper and easier. A key initial step is to reflect and capture your WHY of doing it – it will help your focus and drive to then take the first step. You process can be so simple but make a huge difference.

Have a great weekend all.


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