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Create a Culture of Learning- Culture Tip 3

Happy Friday

A short one this week focused on the importance of creating a 'Culture of Learning'. Relevant to me personally this week, given I have been on a 2-day Everything DiSC certification course and passed the exam tonight.

My leader and manager for 10 plus years in two corporate organisations (and my mentor today) always emphasised the importance of creating a culture of learning and development. He encouraged me to always be curious, give time and attention to mine and others' development and to never ever stop learning - something I have always worked hard to instil in teams I have led, managed, coached and mentored. I am passionate about this with my clients and I see the results that businesses with this focus and commitment achieve.

As part of the work I do with clients on Culture, I ask the following at outset:

*How do you invest in and develop your teams?

*How do celebrate development successes?

*How do you promote your commitment to development both inside and outside of your business?

*How do you educate your clients on your commitment to learning?

If you would value a discussion on the above or want help on creating a culture of learning get in touch for a coffee. Can't wait to start using Everything DiSC with new and existing clients!


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