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Darwin was a wise man! - Confidence and Change - Tip 5

Well what a week...

We are moving though the change curve at quite a speed!

Today marks the 25th weekly blog post since I started my blog back in September. It seems I'll have lots to share and support you with over the coming weeks and months.... Inevitably there have been huge changes for us all professionally and personally over the last week and I'm thinking of you all.

Arch inspire is adapting to change speedily...

Primarily as it will be diversifying into a home-school facility for Amy, Alfie and Charlie next week!

I have inevitably had projects moved, work cancelled or put on hold but I'm determined to do as much as I can whilst realising we are in uncertain times.

I'll be using the weekend to put together my offering to businesses, teams and individuals over the coming months by offering virtual coaching and consulting sessions at times to suit you (at the crack of dawn, at night, at weekends or during the day). There are so many areas I want to support you in and I will share this with you over the coming days. I've been blown away by how supportive my network and clients have been, how my clients are adapting and the incredible resilience I've seen from every corner whether it be clients, friends, family, community or school.

Be kind to yourselves ❤️


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