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Developing your Culture - Culture Tip 5

Happy Valentines Friday!

I've received some great feedback on the Culture posts shared over the last month - individuals challenging themselves on their 'own culture' and also exploring how they GIVE and contribute positively to the culture where they work.

I have put together a list of key questions below to help aid thought, stimulation, discussion and action when reviewing and challenging yourself on how you can develop your company culture.

Feel free to use and do get in touch if you’d like a chat on culture development in your company or want to focus on the culture you set for yourself.

*How would we describe our company culture?

*How do we recognise effort and achievement?

*What do we do to socialise / get to know each other?

*How do we motivate ourselves and each other?

*How do we work together across teams/departments and what more can we do to collaborate?

*How do we help individuals achieve balance in their professional and personal lives?

*How do we deal and learn from our mistakes?

*What makes us proud of our company?

*How and why do people succeed in our company?

*How do we live out our company values?

*How would our clients describe our culture?

Next week we begin our focus on ‘Confidence’ within the Arch inspire 5C’s model.


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