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Find your Metaphor

Happy Wednesday to you all

I wanted to share this image I took this morning at the end of my run. Climate change and the opportunity for a 'greener recovery' dominate many of the headlines in the news today. As I shared last week in my post on gratitude, nature has been one of the things many of us have appreciated more than ever recently. It's been incredible to hear the 'bird song rush hour' over the last 7 weeks. This tree sits in our garden - it's one of the reasons we brought our house. I have looked at this tree more in the last 7 weeks than I have in 7 years.

I feel so grateful for it today. It's a metaphor for me for far too many things I've taken for granted that I vow to appreciate a whole lot more both now and in the future.

💡 Find your metaphor to help you focus on all you have and all you want to appreciate more of personally and professionally. It may be the simplest thing that helps you reframe your thoughts and feelings each day and helps to lift you when you need it. I’m here to help you navigate this time of uncertainty, change and opportunity - do contact me if you want to find out more about how I can help you.

Stay safe and well.


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