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Leading with Empathy

Happy Friday!

A client of mine shared this image with me and gave me permission to use it along with these words - 'My EQ-i report is never out of my sight!'

I love using the EQ-i (emotional intelligence tool) to support my clients in understanding and exploring how their emotional and social skills can help them develop how they both perceive and express themselves as well as how they can use emotional information to both lead and develop others. My client keeps this report near to them to read, refer and remind themselves of how they can continually develop themselves and those they lead. They also doodle thoughts and ideas they have on it too! The interpersonal element of the EQ-i tool focuses on how we can develop empathy, social responsibility and interpersonal relationships.

I came across an insightful article in Harvard Business Review this week titled: 'Empathy is the most important leadership skill according to research' - (link below) which is well worth a read. It explores how empathy helps to drive significant business results with new research demonstrating it's importance for everything from innovation through to retention. It also points to the increased stress levels so many are experiencing due to the pandemic and how an empathetic approach can help us all.

The article focuses on how empathy contributes to positive outcomes, how we can all lead with empathy and some fascinating study results which point to the clear link between empathy and engagement, retention inclusivity and performance. It's also important to realise that we don't need to be experts in Mental Heath to show that we care, we want to listen and that we are paying attention.

If you'd like to find more about how I use EQ-i with clients to help them lead themselves and others, please do get in touch.

Have a super weekend!


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