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Note to self...

Happy New Year and Happy Friday!

Back fully this week after a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Hoping you all had a restful time. I am consciously aware that many did not get to spend it in the way they wanted to or were poorly too.

This week hasn't gone to plan for me at all and this image has been one I have referred to over the week often, so I wanted to share it. I was raring to go on Monday with a week full of meetings ahead. All 3 of my children developed Covid which seemed to appear from no-where. The twins have felt pretty grotty with it at times and it's been hard to juggle work and looking after them all. We're also knee deep in our house extension so there's a lot going on with decisions having to be made daily. I've had moments of not knowing where to start or what to do but this simple reminder has helped.

We've got to Friday, I have been able to do client work and adapted what I've needed to thanks to iPads and Nintendos (we are human) and working with clients who understand the importance of family coming first. I've also kept to dry Jan too - no idea how!

Remember when things seem over-whelming, take one thing at a time, be kind to yourself, ask for help and realise that you can't do everything alone. It's also ok not to feel ok - I often feel guilty for the moments where I feel overwhelmed in life, when I realise how fortunate I am with all I have but it's ok to have days where we all need help or a listening ear regardless of our situation.

Hoping you all have a lovely weekend.


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