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Overwhelm Reset

Happy Friday,

Whilst many of us enjoy the month of December, at the same time it can be a very hectic time of the year. For some, the juggle of work, life and Christmas preparation can create real overwhelm. I love this simple mantra and whilst it is so obvious we can often forget to do this. When we challenge ourselves to take a deep breath, tackle one task at a time and stay in the moment, it’s really beneficial for us.

Here are my tips to help you pause, step back and reduce feelings and thoughts of overwhelm.

💡 Take a deep breath and stop – breathing exercises and meditation really calm overwhelm, over-thinking and anxiety.

💡 Create a NO list – not just a TO DO list – note down the things that you want to challenge yourself to say NO to.

💡 Ask for help from those you trust and feel comfortable going to – sometimes a listening ear makes a big difference.

💡 Write down what is in your head to help you plan and prioritise – journaling is a great way to empty your thoughts and feelings and to see them for what they are in reality written down.

💡 Break the state of overwhelm by doing something that is of benefit to you not others – go for a walk, get fresh air, have a break from the screen, listen to music to help you reset.

💡 Declutter where you can – not the whole house but the areas where you work and spend most of your time – organising your space can help you more clearly organise your thoughts.

💡 Pause before pleasing – challenge yourself to ask yourself ‘If I say yes to this what do I say no to for myself?’

Have a great weekend ahead.


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