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Realising Your Resilience

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share a brilliant experience I had this week, where I was asked as the Guest speak to open Advance’s 2023 People Conference.

Advance.Housing and Support is a registered society who provide housing, support and other community related services, specialising in supporting people with learning difficulties and mental health conditions.

I delivered a session on ‘Realising our Resilience’ which focused on the following:

❓ Exploring what resilience is + why we need it

🏛️ The 5 pillars of resilience

🎇 How our resilience is impacted

🌳 How we can build and sustain our resilience

🛠️ Resilience tools and techniques

🤝 Making a commitment to build and sustain our resilience.

During the session we also focused on the importance of talking, sharing and listening and making sure we take the time to also look after our needs first and foremost before supporting others. We also explored the reservoir of resilience, how important it is to keep topping up our resilience and strategies to help us do this.

The session was engaging and the audience were a joy to work with.

I want to thank Julie Layton and Alex Jones again for the opportunity to work with you to design and deliver this session.

If you’d like to find out more about how I help business, teams and individuals develop, build and sustain their resilience, I’d love to speak with you.

Have a great weekend ahead.


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