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Referrals and Thanks

Happy Friday,

A quick one today which made me feel really grateful and appreciated this week.

Having my own business means I'm very passionate about recommending independent brilliant businesses to others. Our Architect has been fantastic in helping us with the design and planning of our extension, which we are now in the middle of. I have recommended him to many local friends and a number of them have selected to work with him. I received this through the post this week to thank us for our referrals - not expected or anticipated at all but it was a lovely surprise. We are looking forward to enjoying this treat at our local restaurant next year.

The reason I share this is that Luke @ Avon Architecture demonstrates how to look after clients incredibly well and also how to acknowledge and thank clients when they recommend his business. The voucher is a lovely treat but just a simple thank- you is so powerful and so important. As a result of how he has looked after and thanked us, I want to recommend him more and more! He's a joy to work with, pro-active, does what he says he will do, is creative, talented, delivers above and beyond and really appreciates it when others refer him.

It's important to stop and say thanks to the people that help us on our way in our careers and in our lives. It's also key to promote and recommend great people in life and in business. I am always so grateful for the amount of referral business I get from existing clients and my connections.

Take a moment today and think about someone who has helped you that you want to thank or a great business/individual that you want to promote. It's also a win-win as it feels great to recommend and it also feels great to say thank you!

If you want to find out more about Luke and his brilliant business please contact me!


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